Our Homes are our safe places where we can be at ease with comfort, here at WDA Home Improvements we offer a service where we fit any home theft prevention device/kit to stop any unwanted visitors we offer two different packages one being a basic theft prevention and the other being a more advanced home security system which we supply and fit. As we offer all aspects of property services if you do not choose either packages due to preferences you as a customer can supply their own equipment. With any of our security services we do a home visit free of charge so we can visualise blindspots,easily accessible points of access and consult the client in which is the best, most effective solution for them. 

To supply and fit A package CCTV configuration to your home, this product comes with 

1x Base Station


1x Keypad


1x Wired Indoor Camera


1x Water Sensor


2x Window Decal


1x Home Security Yard Sign