Here at WDA home improvements we offer a service like no other to protect our much valued customers in the community. 


1.We will never ask you for any payment information, as for us to be paid all you need is our information and you can choose to pay. 

2. To provent any loved ones getting scammed we allow rebooking for those who can't have a trusted family member present at the time which can be a massive help, as some organisations target those who haven't got that 2nd outsider's opinion and end up testing the customers boundaries to see how much they can take advantage. Keep in mind we do not require this as we are a trusted reputable company but it is always better to be safe than sorry. 





1. We operate strictly on respect of a customers home for example all of our workers are equipped with hand sanitizer. rubber gloves, and plastic boot covers so we do not damage any carpet, flooring and just for general ease of cleaning 

2. Please bare in mind we are a new company we have lots of experience in the trades, but not as a PLC Company just yet, so branching out to specialise in people that can't do it themselves sometimes we do not know what conditions people live in or how they want to have the work carried out but we are 100% flexible just speak to one of our friendly advisors or tradespeople and they will get you to where you want to be.